G-Shock “G-Man” Animated Series

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not a huge anime guy but have been a G-Shock guy for a minute. in any case here are some clips from the new G-Man animated series. (via – Highsnobiety)

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when u have the celeb status that DeSean Jackson has, u also have a lot of power n sway to show to others whats right from wrong, its a huge burden i’m sure, we know this because a lot of figures who’ve been in his place b4 have wilted under the pressure. in any case, it’s always amazing to see when an athlete takes the time to show love n support the ppl that buy their jerseys, cheer for them at the game or in front of the tv every week. i salute u #10


so much quiCker, so much more on the FLi


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u kno the age old adages, good guys finish last, nice guys never win? its possible they’ve never been truer as they are now. Thank you ‘Ye, holdin it down for assholes n douchebags (perceived as opposed to actual) worldwide. MBDTF just went Platinum, u kno, the 5th time Ye’s done that. everybody can tell u how to do it they neva did it…#yearoftheasshole?


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“Wonnnnnderfulll nite to be alive baby”

awwww yea, the Eagles DeSean Jackson stylin on em…my fave TD in a long minute, of course there was a penalty assessed play, but the 6pts were good. awesome


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