Red Bull Megahurtz 2010

Posted: November 16, 2010 in musiC
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man been a minute since i did somethin fun, damn im borin right now u digggggg? annnnnnnyway, this weekend Red Bull and they MegaHurtz lineup came thru Vancouver, i don’t even kno how to explain the energy, shiiiiiit got crazy. i was super late gettin word on the show, wasn’t even plannin to go til i saw my lil homies LUNICE an Ango on the lineup. thing about them Red Bull boyz is they bring heat everytiiiiiiime fam, had to go. show was sold out obvi…shoutout to both for holdin me down, nearly drownin me in that Heineken n Goose, not to mention the Red Bull i see u guys!!! i touched down jus in time to catch Black Milk go on, or i should say go off, his energy, coupled wit his live drummer n keys was crazzzy, i was sweatin like i was on stage no lie, pretty sure the temp rose by 34 degrees durin his set. cott damn. End of nite, Lunice n Ango shut the place down, doin what they do, crazy vibe right to the end!!!!! make sure u check them dudes profiles out, believe me, believe the HYPE!!!!!


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