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summertime the perfect time to go limited, bring out things that the world cant get en masse. u kno what time it is and where to look. ATMOS Japan has been holdin it down for a long minute now when it comes to keepin the Japanese populace fresh. thanks to God for my JP connec, the most important person wit all due respect~ if u can’t read Japanese dont want to read Japanese its still all good in the hood. the boyz over at ATMOS NYC still have ur back, head on over or follow them here for more on the hookup level. shoutout to the team for keepin a joint on tap for me even tho i went the jp connec route for this piece, i still see u guys on that!!!

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still kinda speechless about the whole thing. i mean i love birfdays n all, not for the gifts (that might be changin tho lolz) but the homie NC is a str8 foooooooooool for these Nooka joints riiiiiiight here!!!!!!! these colours ring a bell? definition of FLi.

thanks fam!


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it’s that time again baby! let’s go~

u see 3 G’s so it’s triple shock. 3 new joints ensure that my shoe game n wrist game match up. iCoorination they say

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~I’m in the hall already, on the wall already
I’m a work of art, i’m a Warhol already
On another level, on another plane already
FLi got my own lane already~


couple a weeks back, got my i set on these ALIFE NYC joints, and u kno how it goes. had to have em, simple as that. did what i had to do, hit up LIVESTOCK and it was on. in case u don’t already kno, LIVESTOCK is a way legit Canadian company, dealin in the finest/FLiest of footwear and streetwear, iCant say enuff about the dope service i received from them dudes. shouts out to Brendan, Web Manager for Livestock Canada, just so on point homie, i c u!

go ahead and tell me these here joints aren’t fresh…look forward to seein me in the screets with these this summer, i’m bringin nothin but heat, u already kno. in the mean time, head on over to LIVESTOCK’s site and get ur summer game stepped up. digg? pics after the break. (more…)

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family, friends, food, shelter. e’y human needs these essentials to get by. beyond that, ask urself, what do u need in ur life to get by? give me a camera, a celli, a fresh pair of kiCks and some energy, and iLive.