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G-Shock “G-Man” Animated Series

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

not a huge anime guy but have been a G-Shock guy for a minute. in any case here are some clips from the new G-Man animated series. (via – Highsnobiety)

the rest of the clips after the click (more…)


summertime the perfect time to go limited, bring out things that the world cant get en masse. u kno what time it is and where to look. ATMOS Japan has been holdin it down for a long minute now when it comes to keepin the Japanese populace fresh. thanks to God for my JP connec, the most important person wit all due respect~ if u can’t read Japanese dont want to read Japanese its still all good in the hood. the boyz over at ATMOS NYC still have ur back, head on over or follow them here for more on the hookup level. shoutout to the team for keepin a joint on tap for me even tho i went the jp connec route for this piece, i still see u guys on that!!!

ATMOS Twitter

u see 3 G’s so it’s triple shock. 3 new joints ensure that my shoe game n wrist game match up. iCoorination they say

slideshow below (more…)

~I’m in the hall already, on the wall already
I’m a work of art, i’m a Warhol already
On another level, on another plane already
FLi got my own lane already~


so whats wrong wit this piC? nothin really, i mean look, u see a trifecta of FLuDs, a trifecta of Nookas and a bevy of G-Shock joints so i must be doin somethin right, right? nah, problem is 1 week after the fact (DST), most of these timetellers r still tellin me the wrong time…spring forward fam, spring forward:p


Posted: February 23, 2010 in what.cB.wears
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pretty laid back monday @ work 2day…chilled wit co-workers, took a few pics due to boredom. nothin special here, kept it 100 per skinny. word to followers, been rockin skinny for ages, on n off really…haha i remember when Cudi came out, ppl were like damn, u look like Cudi mannnnn. ummm nah, i been on skinny, u jus been on the tele (peepin BET?!?) Peep pics an brands after the break. iC (more…)