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Posted: December 20, 2010 in iCertified /\ cB Fresh, iLife

“Wonnnnnderfulll nite to be alive baby”

if u follow my blog, ur mostly accustom to just seeing a few vids here and there, songs that i’m feelin at the moment, couple of pics of what i’m doing, not a whole lot of reposting stuff, in fact i dont think i’ve re-posted another bloggers post since i’ve started this up but today that changes. last night Marcus Troy (who if u dont kno him already…well…) posted these 10 rules that he considers most important for personal growth and success. my whole twitter feed was abuzz with this last night, and for good cause. if you want to read from the source, here is the post and you can read the full post below as well. a long post, well worth reading:) (more…)

summertime the perfect time to go limited, bring out things that the world cant get en masse. u kno what time it is and where to look. ATMOS Japan has been holdin it down for a long minute now when it comes to keepin the Japanese populace fresh. thanks to God for my JP connec, the most important person wit all due respect~ if u can’t read Japanese dont want to read Japanese its still all good in the hood. the boyz over at ATMOS NYC still have ur back, head on over or follow them here for more on the hookup level. shoutout to the team for keepin a joint on tap for me even tho i went the jp connec route for this piece, i still see u guys on that!!!

ATMOS Twitter

L to R (@seanfancois, @plaeboi, @flitunes)

just wanted to take this time out to give a shout out to my VMT family. for those that read my blog (i see you) you may already know, or not, either way, for some time now i’ve been lucky to be a member of the VMT team. originally, founded by my longtime homie DJ Plaeboi, the blog/site keeps readership up to date on a range of topics, not limited to sports, music, more music, and entertainment. as a member of the team i can tell u that my dudes r out there grinding to bring the latest, best and unique views on so much. i’ve been very blessed to be tapped to contribute to the site, and its still as much an honour today as it was the first day Plaeboi handed me the key to blog. in the words of ‘Ye, we cant all be american idols, but u can at least head over to the site an keep it VIRAL, right?!?!?

follow the fellaz, names r crucial.

if u don already kno the boyz over at Gommi are on the next. real recognize real they say an now you see. the homie B.O.B can be seen rockin out in Gommi alongside 2 more of this generation’s better artist, Janelle Monae and none other than Lupe himself. its a good look on every level. Malc n Zak, i c u guys!!!

still kinda speechless about the whole thing. i mean i love birfdays n all, not for the gifts (that might be changin tho lolz) but the homie NC is a str8 foooooooooool for these Nooka joints riiiiiiight here!!!!!!! these colours ring a bell? definition of FLi.

thanks fam!