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G-Shock “G-Man” Animated Series

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

not a huge anime guy but have been a G-Shock guy for a minute. in any case here are some clips from the new G-Man animated series. (via – Highsnobiety)

the rest of the clips after the click (more…)


when u have the celeb status that DeSean Jackson has, u also have a lot of power n sway to show to others whats right from wrong, its a huge burden i’m sure, we know this because a lot of figures who’ve been in his place b4 have wilted under the pressure. in any case, it’s always amazing to see when an athlete takes the time to show love n support the ppl that buy their jerseys, cheer for them at the game or in front of the tv every week. i salute u #10

man oh man…how did i not see this til now?!? beyond me, no matter how on ur grind u might be, somethin dope will always slip by u. case in point this vid. WARNING Geniuses at Work.

Extra Syrup

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Weezy n the south might have their purple drank, an that’s all good n everything…as for the cB? DQ cherry Arctic Rush wit xtra sizzurp an I’m goood. I said I’m gooooooood~

its a sneaker thing


Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

「girls on top」

yesterday, about 24hrs ago Mr. West got on the twitter train and wouldn’t u kno it, just a day later he’s stackin followers the same way he stacked chips. not gonna lie, i kept my i on his first day numbers and i gotta say, i don think there’s another pop figure out right now that has this kinda pull, so go ahead and hate, but for now it looks like homie’s on top and e’body’s on the scrotum

12pm yesterday to 12pm today, 226,000 followers (right on too, crazy).

9,417 followers/ hour

157/ minute


call it a Good Ass Job

Kanye West’s Twitter