been waitin on this for a minute now, but i guess readers already kno what ima have to say. yup, the homie KAYO on this fire n brimstone right here, hosted by DJ Little Row, plenty of local looks includin production from up-and-comin Ritchcraft. the boyz promised me there would be no delay in gettin this to the public, that was a while back, now its here, all i gotta say #worththewait

DOWNLOAD LINK  here or here

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man been a minute since i did somethin fun, damn im borin right now u digggggg? annnnnnnyway, this weekend Red Bull and they MegaHurtz lineup came thru Vancouver, i don’t even kno how to explain the energy, shiiiiiit got crazy. i was super late gettin word on the show, wasn’t even plannin to go til i saw my lil homies LUNICE an Ango on the lineup. thing about them Red Bull boyz is they bring heat everytiiiiiiime fam, had to go. show was sold out obvi… Read the rest of this entry »

if u follow my blog, ur mostly accustom to just seeing a few vids here and there, songs that i’m feelin at the moment, couple of pics of what i’m doing, not a whole lot of reposting stuff, in fact i dont think i’ve re-posted another bloggers post since i’ve started this up but today that changes. last night Marcus Troy (who if u dont kno him already…well…) posted these 10 rules that he considers most important for personal growth and success. my whole twitter feed was abuzz with this last night, and for good cause. if you want to read from the source, here is the post and you can read the full post below as well. a long post, well worth reading:) Read the rest of this entry »

man oh man…how did i not see this til now?!? beyond me, no matter how on ur grind u might be, somethin dope will always slip by u. case in point this vid. WARNING Geniuses at Work.

dont sleep. no really, dont. Tinie Tempah. Serious Jam!!! Dope

N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U

Posted: October 9, 2010 in musiC
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Produced by Daft Punk. Jam