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shoutout to Metro Transit for gettin up on bus game!!!! these new joints r less than 5 days old. u kno im in the streets capturin it! do me a favour and don’t do me no favours…an definitely don tell anybody im a bus nerd. thank u


The Night Episode

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aww yea. good day it was. my mans Kayo hit me up for a shoot for his upcoming mixtape cover, was more than happy to oblige. homies’s shown nothin but love from the start, respect! well if u dont know Kayo, you very soon will, that much is clear. don even kno if i should call him up an comin, or already arrived but i do kno he’s legit n his team at 50/50 Konvict is too, shouts to Row, Don Deez, Mike Po, the homie Matt and Absolut!

ohhhhh how iWish for an Endless Summer! fliCks n links below (more…)

screet smarts

Posted: April 18, 2010 in $creet ¢ense
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caught my young homie in the streets earlier 2day, homie was on his way to handling some school stuff but on the flip side he was keepin it all business in the screet as u can clearly see. if i see em i fliCk em up, its simple. loved the white on white earbud action but it was the sick shoe game that locked this one up. them shits was straight wool on what looked to be Vandals, fuckit, ima call these joints the Woolly Mammoths til somebody try n tell me different, and damn if they already named ima still stick wit Woolly Mamms. u see, we see, iC~

oh ya, might as well go ‘head n peep my mans work wit the tunes right here at his myspace and pic after the break (more…)


Posted: March 24, 2010 in $creet ¢ense
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choppin it up with my lil homie NC today, and he dipped thru dapper as what? ya, men lie, women lie, pics dont. fact, they tell a thousands words, u already know. had to fliCk my mans up real quik wit the 50mil.

Air Jordan 1s – retro metallic zinc, and none other than that good Japanese Comme des Garçons on the upper. more looks after the break


kicks by Nike

Fly by FLi