L to R (@seanfancois, @plaeboi, @flitunes)

just wanted to take this time out to give a shout out to my VMT family. for those that read my blog (i see you) you may already know, or not, either way, for some time now i’ve been lucky to be a member of the VMT team. originally http://www.plaeboi.com, founded by my longtime homie DJ Plaeboi, the blog/site keeps readership up to date on a range of topics, not limited to sports, music, more music, and entertainment. as a member of the team i can tell u that my dudes r out there grinding to bring the latest, best and unique views on so much. i’ve been very blessed to be tapped to contribute to the site, and its still as much an honour today as it was the first day Plaeboi handed me the key to blog. in the words of ‘Ye, we cant all be american idols, but u can at least head over to the site an keep it VIRAL, right?!?!?

follow the fellaz, names r crucial.


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