Nigel Sylvester x Donnis x Gatorade

Posted: June 21, 2010 in $creet ¢ense, iCertified /\ cB Fresh
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The Night Episode

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The Morning Episode

The Afternoon Episode

1st got my scope on this dude let’s say about a year ago, when he featured in some G-Shock promo stuffs, since then he’s been around the world n back. here’s dope 3 part series on the life n times of Nigel Sylvester‘s life as a pro BMXer. so so fresh. Nigel himeself, Donnis (up outta the ATL) on the music, love that cat 2, dont sleep on any of this!!!! shit’s inCredible

EXTRA EXTRA – See this interview wit Nigel out in Tokyo, doing his thing, puttin on for his city across the globe. respect


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