ALIFE Chuck All Weather Joints

Posted: May 30, 2010 in what.cB.wears
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couple a weeks back, got my i set on these ALIFE NYC joints, and u kno how it goes. had to have em, simple as that. did what i had to do, hit up LIVESTOCK and it was on. in case u don’t already kno, LIVESTOCK is a way legit Canadian company, dealin in the finest/FLiest of footwear and streetwear, iCant say enuff about the dope service i received from them dudes. shouts out to Brendan, Web Manager for Livestock Canada, just so on point homie, i c u!

go ahead and tell me these here joints aren’t fresh…look forward to seein me in the screets with these this summer, i’m bringin nothin but heat, u already kno. in the mean time, head on over to LIVESTOCK’s site and get ur summer game stepped up. digg? pics after the break.

Livestock signage n mixtape incl. in the package. nbd

ALIFE detail, Rite Fit™ foot holder. nbd

classiC 1 Yen coin in left shoe

detail is key, Livestock signature lace eyelets, siCk n to the point


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