Kayo x 50/50 Konvict Musik

Posted: May 16, 2010 in $creet ¢ense, musiC
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aww yea. good day it was. my mans Kayo hit me up for a shoot for his upcoming mixtape cover, was more than happy to oblige. homies’s shown nothin but love from the start, respect! well if u dont know Kayo, you very soon will, that much is clear. don even kno if i should call him up an comin, or already arrived but i do kno he’s legit n his team at 50/50 Konvict is too, shouts to Row, Don Deez, Mike Po, the homie Matt and Absolut!

ohhhhh how iWish for an Endless Summer! fliCks n links below

Kayo Twitter Blogspot


Don Deez


  1. […] be sure that i’ve ALREADY let u, my readership, kno what it is, so that means u already kno, right? ya. Kayo, Akon, no big […]

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