RocNation x SkullCandy

Posted: May 13, 2010 in musiC, Uncategorized
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i’ll be the first to admit, i haven’t had a good run with SkullCandy headphones, bustin my way thru 2 pairs in a year, an thas comin from a guy that takes care of my ish…anyway that being said, the design aspect of SkullCandy has always been on point and it looks to B that it aint changed much. These RocNation (think Jigga man) Aviator collab joints look iCy for lack of a better word and what with a Hov co-sign on tap i’m likely gonna have to go get a pair when they drop. peep below for alternate colours an a link where u can get alerts on when these drop.

RocNation x SkullCandy

  1. Johnston says:

    Damn. I am NOT mad at those… I’ve never liked SkullCandys stuff that much, definitely because of durability (one cat from here was tryin to get me to switch to them because of how quickly they replace their broken products…. “On my 8th pair! They’re so good bout replacements!” C’mon son!…. hahaaa)

    BUT. Those are so damned nice. That brown colourway. Want that…

    • flitunes says:

      mos def, they r poorly put together fam. i pulled 2 pairs apart already, im prolly gonna send the 2nd pair in soon. its tru, it takes a week tops for ur new ones to arrive lol. so not a good look but whatev

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