Posted: March 24, 2010 in $creet ¢ense
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choppin it up with my lil homie NC today, and he dipped thru dapper as what? ya, men lie, women lie, pics dont. fact, they tell a thousands words, u already know. had to fliCk my mans up real quik wit the 50mil.

Air Jordan 1s – retro metallic zinc, and none other than that good Japanese Comme des Garçons on the upper. more looks after the break

  1. […] as for me? nah, i jus do the iClassiCs, they iCiest. gotta thank the Chen fam, an my street famo Nick “Big Pimpin” Chen, gettin me the hottest line on the (c)oldest […]

  2. […] i mean i love birfdays n all, not for the gifts (that might be changin tho lolz) but the homie NC is a str8 foooooooooool for these Nooka joints riiiiiiight here!!!!!!! these colours ring a bell? […]

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