Posted: March 21, 2010 in iLife
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how do i feel? syked really. the piCture paints a portrait, tells a story, a few letters but a thousands words? gotta hand thanks to my Nokia calendar for reminding me, i’m goin to NYC for the first time ever this comin thursday. its crazy, i’ve been to the opposite side of the globe maybe 10 times, but i’ve never hit the Big Apple, a 2hr flight away, crazy. well the time was right, a lil while back i got that feelin again, jus needed to clear my head an change it up so i went out on a limb (for me anyway) and decided i’d hit up NYC with no plan. well no real plan. My homie Malcolm over at GommiArcade had been keepin me in the loop wit regards to the release of a new collab joint with Nooka and so on the 26th I will be attending the launch party @ ACGears, iCan’t tell u how pumped i am for that. Nooka an Gommi r brands that i’ve been scopin for a long minute now, an i suggest u do too! U can be sure there will pics of the event an my noo gear.

anyway, i’m gonna do me on this trip, get to nyc, clear my head, parle my way, and maybe open the page on a new day


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