an artist’s mind vs. limits

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Creative Trifecta

Artist’s minds don’t have limits. at least i don’t think they do. like there is no limitation to what they think up. but outside the mind, into the real of the real (physical) world there are limits. lots of them. so I’m thinking, this is y artists n geniuses go crazy, because they feel so constricted. I think that’s also a sign of being a genius. you kno when u have an idea, but the limitations hold u back from going forward with it or even being able to describe/depict it using conventional methods and readily available tools. particularly i was thinkin about cats like Ye n Pharell, they prolly get frustrated on a regular and it shows out for Ye in his blog posts or public behavior but in reality that’s because internally he’s so limitless. a little while back i had a discussion at work with my co-worker who thinks/claims that ‘Ye will never become relevant again, will never climb to the heights he has already been to, but i feel exactly the opposite. frankly i think its scary what a dude like ‘Ye might come up with. somethin tells me minds of well rounded artists like Pharell and ‘Ye are moving at the speed of light an never stopping to take a break, not even in sleep, like on a crazy level. i wonder, does anybody agree or understand what i’m sayin?

not to say i’m a genius, but sometimes i do be feelin like i’m bumping into a wall with getting somethin from the brain to another medium, even makin a blog post, iCant type as fast as my mind thinks it up…

was ‘Ye being cocky or just expressin himself when he dropped;

Does he write his own rhymes, just sort of
I think ‘em, that mean I forgot better shit than you ever thought of

btw ‘Ye recently unveiled his new blog, see it here


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