The Notorious B.I.G. – Gone Too Soon

Posted: March 10, 2010 in iCertified /\ cB Fresh
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March 9th, 1997, the world got robbed. the game got taken. hip hop had more than its jewels snatched. sad as a mofo, this wasn’t ur garden variety stickup for small change. nah, this was was a cold-blooded-sneakup-from-behind-gat-to-dome-spill-brains senseless robbery. on that fateful eve, Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed. the world was robbed of one of the greatest MCs ever to grab a mic, not merely my opin, its all but written in stone fact fam.

2day i spent any time i had reminiscin by keepin B.I.G. in my headphones, DJ Baby Yu’s soulful tribute on deck.

man the flood of memories…i can remember, grade 8 an 9 track an field, Biggie shaved mad seconds off my 100m time, no lie. back in the day when we rocked CD players n shit, i had to have Ready to Die or later Life After Death on deck from the minute i stepped on the track grounds till i was forced to take my ‘phones off right at the starting blocks. fuck, i didnt even own a portable CD player at the time, i was borrowin shit like mad, but on the real, back when ppl used to walk round wit cd binders/holders ebody had one or both of those albums on deck, it wasnt even a question. Seriously, how u gonna listen to Juicy, Everyday Strugle, Notorious Thugs, Hypnotize etc. an NOT get pumped?!? fuckouttahere, u could press play an lay back, never have to skip a song, unless u were like me, cuz i had to listen to a couple of joints over an over again. 13yrs later, shit still never gets old. thats the fuckin definition of classiC, definition of timeless. I’m glad i was the age i was when B.I.G. was here doing his thing. As much as Pac fan as i was i’m glad i didn’t get caught up in choosing sides of that beef, both men put out music thats gon live forever, i’m just glad to have been around to be raised on it.

By the same token, it eats me up that we (the world) never got a chance to see the full potential that Biggie had, i mean, can u even wrap ur head around what the game would be if Frank White was still lacing tracks for Bad Boy?!? its insane, Jay-Z has alluded to as much…lyrically Biggie was on another plateau. jus so sad we never gotta see him take it to an even higher level:-(

B.I.G. ur gone but never forgotten, thats for sure~ thank u for what u gave the game, what u left ur fans. R.I.P

  1. Derek Blais says:

    Middle school was pretty much the same for me at Prince Arthur in Dartmouth. BIG was a part of our lives, even though we never met him. I can remember how excited and obnoxious people would get when HYPNOTIZE came on. That track filled rooms with smiles and excitement (and still does). RIP.

    That shit was the worst rhyme I ever heard in my life
    Cause the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th!

    • flitunes says:

      i feel that bro~ i remember hearin cars blaring that track for ages, i remember singin/rapping that at karaoke because i knew every last syllable on the track~ crazy

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