FLuD x Yonehara Joints

Posted: March 3, 2010 in iCertified /\ cB Fresh, what.cB.wears
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now u KNOW im frontin behind the 1s n 2s but...see that joint practiCally jumpin off my wrist? i kno u do

if there is only one thing that u kno about FLi, just ONE thing, its that i keep my wristgame MAD PROPPER. (yes caps). guess that would explain why i fux with FLuD Watches. FLuD joints have been iCertified for a minute, with my first joint havin been copped like a year back. Founded in 2007, FLuD is all about catering to ppl like urs tru, if u understand that the watch is “one of the ultimate accessories” then FLuD is what ur lookin for. jus so happened that a while back i got wind of these limited collab joints with none other than famed photographer Yonehara. what’s not to love? knew i had to get grips on both joints right off the bat. Major shouts to my man Doug Cohen of FLuD for commin thru on gettin these out to me quickly, u kno what they say bout time flyin n shit, i had to be the first on the block, so thanks homie!!!

make sure ur wristgame is on point by peeping the links and pics after the break~

Cop a FLuD

Follow FLuD’s Moves on twitter

Yasumasa Yonehara’s CEXWORKS and Blog

its all in the detail, y i love em fam

screen protector plastic film still on that

  1. Natasha Vianna says:

    I love Flud watches!!!

  2. […] peep Yone’s dope watch collab wit FLuD HERE […]

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