iCertified Penguin Joints

Posted: February 21, 2010 in iCertified /\ cB Fresh, what.cB.wears
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so so so fresh, so certified. i could leave it at that. these new spring Penguin joints dropped at my workplace this week and u kno i began to covet right off the top. how FLi r these joints? they r named after it, damn The Fly is what Penguin calls these super low pro tires. without question the next pair of kicks ur boi will own, might have to wait til summer b4 u see them on my feet tho, slush snow and mud that no amount of spraying will guard against, life in Canada~ pics after the break

EDIT: Ya, iCouldn’t wait for summer, obviously…so i went ahead n copped a set. summer tires on early, 9s to be exact. like em like i do? (New Pics Mar.14,2010)

since '04, all my new left shoes get a 1 Yen (Japanese) coin at launch, i wont wear em otherwise. had to re-up on Yen;)

iC and cB are also inscribed on the soles of my new shoes. inside story


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