yo FLi, call the crib

Posted: February 20, 2010 in iCertified /\ cB Fresh, iLife
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so blessed yes, ahhhh. reunifiCation of the i!!! hadn’t seen my best friend in almost 2years, i was on my be-broke grind while he was on his make it in Korea grind. we grown men now, shit happens like that, but anyway, woke up the other day an got that txt, classiC line tellin me to call the crib, sho nuff!!! jus in town on the low for a few days but we chopped it up old school. Went to the crib, got lactose intolerant, sipped expensive wine then hung out wit his dog. see, for a cat that used to be terrified of dogs, this is a pretty big thing for me, but ya, lately i’m alright with small dogs:p hahaha click the pics to see bigger versions, sry that my new Nokia takes worse pics in 2010 than my Japanese cellphone did in 2003, inexplicable really…both cats (an dog) featured r my closest homies since hi-skoooool days, yea~


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